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The Ride-Along: 

Do you want to enter law enforcement, but don't know where to start:
The Ride-Along is the first thing you need to do! How do you know what type of policing you want to work in, or if a specific department is where you want to spend the next 10-20 years?

Do you feel like you don't know how things work in patrol:
We'll help you understand the Dynamics of a Patrol Shift. This way when you're on your ride-along, you won't feel lost or clueless! 

*Most Importantly,  learn how to show police departments you understand what this career is about, so they feel confident in hiring you!

-- Learn the Secrets Your Competition Won't Have A Clue About! --
You May Only Get One 
You NEED to Make the Most of It!
The steps to set up your ride-along. 
Get an understanding of how patrol works, so you don't feel clueless about what is going on around you while on patrol!
What You Are Going To Learn...
  • How men and women like you are using "Earn My Badge" to stand out from their competition and get hired!
  • The importance of making sure this is the career you want to enter, and not wasting your time!
  • ​How being prepared before you apply will save time and lower your stress in the application process!
  • How to get your ride-along set up with departments you are applying with.
  • Why going on a ride-along is crucial to being a successful applicant!
  • ​The best tactics to use when applying with multiple agencies. You need to know this before you've already submitted too many applications!
About Lt. Skip
Skip is the nick name that I got on the streets from my co-workers... and it's stuck for 18 years!  Currently, I  serve as a patrol shift Command Officer for a metro area department in Colorado.

During my career I served as my department's recruiter for 4 years. In this assignment I attended law enforcement career fairs across the nation, worked closely with recruiters from many different agencies, and interacted with thousands of individuals through their application process !

My intent is to make every person, the best applicant they can be, before submitting their first application.
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